Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Electicity - A Dream?

Is free electricity really a dream?

Of course not! How many solar-powered objects are there out there: calculators, lawn lights, cell-phones, even cars! If these items can use free electricity, why not others?

The simple reason is that we choose not too, either because it is too expensive (we believe) or too hard to do (we also believe). The fact is that it simply is not too hard or too expensive. Nor does it have to be done all at once. You don't need to rip out your home's electrical system in order to replace it with another -- you can do this in phases.

David Knight has created a series of reports that show exactly how this can be done using either solar or wind power -- or both! And it does not matter where you live, because if you don't get a lot of sun, chances are you get enough wind. And besides, he has testimonials from folks in England telling him how well his solar plan is working for them. England, that damp, foggy isle of all places!

So, why should you check out David's report? Lot's of reasons:

  1. Saving money on electricity: This is a monthly cost that we simply get used to. How much should we be willing to spend to save just $10 a month? Well, let's look at how much it would cost to get that kind of income. $10 a month is $120 a year, and if you were getting 10% interest on your investment it would take $1200. DIY Power will show you how to spend a lot less than that to save a lot more than a mere $10 a month.
  2. No power outages: If you have your own electricity, you will not be inconvenienced by power outages. This is especially important during times of extended power outage after major storms. Freezers and fridges without power can lead to a lot of wasted food, which costs you even more. Cordless phones don't work, which means you can't make emergency calls or find out how friends and family are -- or they can't call you. Plus all those clocks that need to be reset!
  3. Reduced carbon footprint: Most electrical plants are powered by non-renewable resources. Even those that aren't (such as hydro-electric) still require massive dams and construction projects. Imagine the the benefit to the environment if everyone's homes were powered by even 10% of their own electricity. Now imagine if it was 100%!
  4. Reduced dependency: If you have only one source of electricity, you are completely dependent on that source. That means you have no options when it comes to interruptions, price increases, rationing -- why should you have to put up with these?
So how exactly do you go about creating your own free electricity? There are three basic steps, all of which are covered in David's system:

  1. Collecting energy. This is done in two ways, solar and wind. Both of these are covered in great detail, to the point where you could go out today and collect the materials and end up with a finished product for a lot less money than you would expect.
  2. Storing energy. This is done with batteries, of course, which can either be used later when there is no sun or wind...or they can be sold.
  3. Delivering the energy. This is where the stored energy gets sent to the devices that use it, converting it from DC to AC at the correct voltage.
All of these are doable by the average person. And here's the hidden secret: if you can do it yourself to save money, you can do it for other's for a fee. This is a great potential money-maker as a side project or a main job.

I have personally seen several houses that were taken "off the grid", either fully or partially. I know that this can be done. But I have never seen it done as well as this. You seriously need to check this out!

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